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    1. Human Resources Leadership Program

      man and woman looking at a paper
      The Human Resources Leadership Program (HRLP) provides you with the opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience in various HR disciplines and develop capabilities to become a future leader.
      This dynamic program exposes you to UTC’s diverse businesses and operations, building a strong foundation to launch and grow your HR career.

      The HRLP program recruits annually June – October for cohorts starting the following June.

      Learn more about our Human Resources Leadership Program opportunities.

      Elizabeth Amato

      “The HRLP provides young talent with the tools and know-how essential for success in the dynamic and ever-evolving field of Human Resources. Our HRLP associates take an active role in driving the employee experience across UTC while building the strong HR foundation they need to be future leaders.”

      Elizabeth B. Amato

      Executive Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer

      Program Sponsor

      About our program

      Human Resources Leadership Program duration (24 months)

      3 Rotations (8 months each)

      Rotation assignments at UTC facilities throughout the United States

      As an HRLP associate, you will rotate through three impactful eight-month assignments in varying HR disciplines across UTC.

      You will work at three of UTC’s dynamic businesses and operations:

      • Collins Aerospace
      • Pratt & Whitney
      • UTC Corporate Headquarters
      • United Technologies Research Center

      In addition to accelerated work assignments, you will participate in individualized skill and competency development programs, as well as formal and informal training and development activities to further prepare for a successful career at UTC.


      As you grow your HR skill set, you will also experience leadership development opportunities and receive mentoring from HR communications leaders, executives and peers.

      Where you will be

      Rotation assignments are based at UTC facilities throughout the United States, primarily in Connecticut, Florida, New York and North Carolina.

      * As of 2018—rotation opportunities are constantly evolving
      Map with locations highlighted

      What makes for a good candidate?

      We’re looking for self-motivated, driven and team-oriented applicants with demonstrated leadership skills, strong communication and analytical skills and the ability to be adaptable and mobile.

      Additional characteristics of a top HRLP candidate include:

      Meet members from our program

      Learn more about our Human Resources Leadership Program opportunities.

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