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    1. Graduate Divisional Leadership Programs

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      In addition to the functional leadership programs, UTC also offers divisional leadership programs that are embedded in a specific UTC business and offer assignments and experiences that can provide training and development across several areas of the same business.
      These programs typically consist of three eight-month rotations and offer robust assignments highlighting the functional requirements and processes across UTC. We look for academic achievers with a strong background in engineering, finance and other key disciplines to help build our talent pipeline for the future.

      Collins Aerospace
      Quality Rotational Program

      Collins Aerospace Quality Rotational Program, Q-LEAD (Quality Leadership Engineering Advanced Development), is a two-year program that provides participants exposure to a broad range of quality-focused skills, disciplines and functions while developing vital quality competencies, applying core Quality concepts, and exploring the entire scope of Collins Aerospace products and services. Participants also will be given the opportunity to learn first-hand how Quality is embedded in how our business units work, compete and succeed. To learn more about this Quality immersion opportunity, click here.

      Internal Audit Rotation Program

      This corporate-level program is exclusively for established and/or certified internal audit professionals with four to eight years of experience, preferably in the areas of public accounting/audit or corporate internal audit. Participants assess internal accounting, finance, government compliance, operational controls and information technology systems in order to ensure that various UTC business units are functioning at optimum performance levels.

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