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    1. Communications Leadership Program

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      United Technologies attracts some of the world’s best and brightest minds, and with our Communications Leadership Program (CLP), we develop those minds to lead through experience. The CLP is a two-year rotational program that challenges and develops each associate’s potential through assignments in a broad range of communications functions.
      We recruit self-starters who demonstrate leadership ability, have a strong academic record and look for opportunities in each assignment. Ideal candidates have a strong desire to pursue a career in communications and have aspirations to advance as leaders at UTC.

      The CLP recruits annually July through October for cohorts starting the following June.

      Learn more about our Communications Leadership Program opportunities.

      Kelli Parsons

      “Our CLP associates make key contributions to our strategic communications campaigns every day. I invite you to join our team and experience a dynamic, challenging and collaborative work environment.”

      Kelli Parsons

      Senior Vice President & Chief Communications Officer

      Program Sponsor

      About our program

      Communications Leadership Program duration (24 months)

      3 Rotations (8 months each)

      Rotation assignments at UTC facilities throughout the United States

      CLP associates rotate individually through three impactful eight-month assignments in varied communications disciplines throughout UTC.

      You will work at three of the following dynamic businesses and operations:

      • Collins Aerospace
      • Pratt & Whitney
      • UTC Corporate
      • United Technologies Research Center
      • United Technologies Digital


      Enhance and grow your skills while you receive leadership development opportunities and mentoring from UTC communications leaders, executives and peers.

      Where you will be

      Rotation assignments are based at UTC facilities throughout the United States, primarily in Connecticut, Florida, New York and North Carolina.

      * As of 2018—rotation opportunities are constantly evolving

      What makes for a good candidate?

      We’re looking for applicants with excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong attention to detail, a proactive mindset and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

      Additional characteristics of a top CLP candidate include:

      CLP candidates should have permanent, unrestricted work authorization in the United States.

      Meet members from our program

      Learn more about our Communications Leadership Program opportunities.

      Our businesses are industry leaders

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